Real Estate Law

Your home is a valuable asset.  So is your attorney.  Whether you are buying or selling a home, the earlier in the process an attorney is involved, the better.  Never sign a contract without your attorney reviewing it.  At the very least, you should write in a contingency clause saying the contract is valid only with my attorney’s approval.  A real estate attorney can examine your title and issue your title insurance policy as well as:

  • Negotiate contracts on your behalf
  • Give you legal advice
  • Explain the meaning of the documents you will be asked to sign at closing 
  • Resolve title issues

One of the greatest benefits of using an attorney is that he or she has a legal and ethical obligation to work in your best interest.  That means answering a lot of  questions, including some very important ones that you may or may not know to ask.

Charles H. Sanford, Esq. can provide title insurance and closing services with the added benefits of having an attorney to review all of the documents and advise you.

Building a Home

Buying a Home